Hidroser is a system engineering company that focuses on the satisfaction of internal and external customers, and where success-oriented people with high persuasive skills would like to work, who are good at teamwork and communication.

Our recruitment team comprising of the department managers each of which is an expert, implements more than one recruitment technique in coordination with Human Resources in order to recruit people with the said qualifications.

Recruitment process is conducted with interviews and practice tests based on competencies in order to place the right person for the right job. The Recruitment Committee completes the process by evaluating applicants with a positive practice result.

Applicants may submit their applications through our web site by creating a brief CV. Applicants who submit their applications and whose qualifications such as educational background, experiences, etc. are appropriate for the vacant position shall be subjected to our recruitment process.

Applicants recruited shall be subjected to an orientation training complying with his/her working field theoretically and practically.

Application Form