About Hidroser

Hidroser is operating in significant fields of industry, such as Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Automation and Industrial Control, Electromechanics, Tube Fittings, Sealing, Filtration and Instrumentation.

Hidroser currently serves as the Premier Distributor of Parker Hannifin Group in Turkey which is the global leader in the manufacturing of the above-mentioned Industrial Control Components.

Hidroser provides engineering, consulting, sales, service and training services in the mentioned fields as well as manufacturing hydraulic power units, central lubrication units, control blocks, hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic control panels.

Hidroser has aimed to reach the highest level in terms of the quality of the products and services provided with close follow-up on technology thanks to its modern management approach and dynamic, strong and experienced workforce.

Hidroser aims to build a closer connection with its customers through its current representation offices in Izmit, Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and Konya as well as Istanbul Headquarters, continuing its efforts in terms of the quality of the services provided.

With our objective to ensure customer satisfaction, we are glad to be serving the Turkish industry for more than 25 years, meeting the needs of the industry.

Ahmet Serdaroğlu - İsmail Obut