Parker Store Retail Sales Concept

Provides fast, reliable and economic solutions while you are having your coffee...

Value Added Services. Hose Doctor is providing customers mobile hydraulic hose service.

Parkerstore is a retail merchandizing concept offering custom solutions to the customer in the fastest way possible which includes hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, hoses and hose fittings of every size, pumps, motors, valves and quick couplings used in high pressure systems and various filtration products of Parker Hannifin, and where hose assemblies can be constructed.

You may also select from all hydraulic tube fittings arranged on shelves according to their sizes in the spacious environment of ParkerStore and receive technical support from our trained personnel. You may examine various Parker product catalogues at the Technical Information Corner and enjoy your tea or coffee at Bistro while your equipment is prepared or hose assembly is extruded.

Parker Hannifin products have been used throughout the world for years by prestigious brands and leading companies as they are developed with the latest technology and thus provide extremely significant advantages within the sector. In our day where the quality factor is of high importance, ParkerStore quality with fast and efficient solutions is the most advantageous solution for you.

Achieving a great success within the body of Hidroser, the ParkerStore is successfully performing its activities throughout Turkey in 8 main regions.