Hidroser has accepted the fact that ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a requirement and necessity and has been effectively implementing this system throughout its entire processes. As Hidroser, we are aware that ISO 9001 is a concept and approach improving efficiency and stability in production and manufacturing which effectively uses measuring, follow-up and control in processes and stipulates working systematically.

We know and notice that customer satisfaction is important as well as improving and developing ourselves continuously in respect of both our quality and production. We pay sufficient attention to the fact that this system is a required quality for both domestic and foreign customers as it is a model which can be applied on an international scale.


1. We aim to offer the best product and system quality to our customers.

2. We believe that continuous development and training of our employees are the keys to the continuous improvement of quality.

3. We primarily focus on providing the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers regarding our products and activities.

4. While carrying on with our operations, we aim to transfer the nature and environment we have taken over from the past to the future in an unpolluted and habitable condition.